Inbox won't sync from mobile

Steps to reproduce

use the Share link option on mobile to send to Dynalist inbox

Expected result

sync to desktop

Actual result

Shows up in mobile, but items are permanently sitting on my inbox on mobile and won’t sync to desktop (we’re talking weeks and probably months, pretty much gave up on this function). I was able to enter some text on mobile in the Inbox that did sync to desktop.


Latest Dynalist Pro mobile and desktop

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I have this problem too. Just sent a message in contact form about it before seeing this.

Hi @Andy_K,

Are you using the iOS app or the Android app? Daniel is using the Android app, so I just want to know if this is specific to the Android app or not. Thanks!

Yes, it’s iOS

Same problem, on Android.

Same problem here…
I got three differents version of my INBOX
Desktop (Windows) APP
Android Phone
and Android TAB

Their started the same, but now are complete independent.

Is there an ETA for this fix?

Just adding to the chorus that I’m also experiencing this. (iOS official app)

An additional data point: if I move the unsynced items out of the inbox to another list, they DO appear on the desktop wherever I sent them. They’re just not visible in the Inbox.

I experience this issue too. It is somewhat random how it occurs. Sometimes items added from the “share” sheet will sync, but sometimes they will stay in the inbox on my iPhone. It would be nice if there was a way to force a sync of all items.

I also had the same problem. The Inbox was not syncing.
Using Android app and MacOS app.

Don’t know if some fix was made because new items are now being sync.
If I add a new item to the inbox in both system it will show up in the other.

But old items are still not synced. So in the Web/MacOS Inbox I have 80 items and on the Android inbox I have 300.

Sadly we haven’t been able to reproduce this issue, as you said it’s somewhat random how it occurs.

Did you notice any patterns?

I’ve have not noticed any patterns. Usually I only discover it very late after I have added something.

Aww, that sounds bad. If there are no patterns we can reproduce with, I guess we’ll start the investigation by looking at how the code is different for manually input items vs inbox shared items.

I’ve had problems as well, but hard to reproduce.

I’ve just starting using dynalist, and I always saw this behavior (i.e. links shared from android never appear on the web/desktop version). Now it seems to work - I did two things that might have made a difference

  • I changed my inbox the top item of a page (called inbox) to an item in another page
  • I turned off the “lock” button on mobile (I often just view notes on mobile so leaving lock on makes sense)
    hope this helps
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Same problem here, on Android. It seems to occur when using the sharing function on Android, and then choosing Dynalist. The item does appear in the Inbox, but not on the web. I tried the following in the Inbox:

  • add a space to the shared item -> still not syncing the shared item
  • add a new item manually to the Inbox -> syncing the new item, but not the shared ones
  • move the new manually added item up the list -> now the shared items in the Inbox are synced with the web version

So one workaround is to manually add an item at the bottom of the Inbox, and then move this item up the list.

I am very disappointed that Dynalist has not been able to fix this in more than 2 months. I am a paying customer.

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I am having this issue as well on iOS, typically (at least when I notice it) when I share content to my Dynalist inbox. The latest incident happened in the last couple days.

The shared item is not visible in browser, or in the Dynalist desktop (Windows) app, and both those services and the iOS app display they are Synced. If I change the contents of the bullet point, or add a note the item still won’t show up outside of iOS.

The only workaround I have seen is if I indent the newest items so it is the child of the bullet point above it (I have items added to the bottom of my inbox).

Hope this can be resolved sometime soon.

That’s super helpful! You’re saying that changing the content of the broken item doesn’t do anything, but moving it somewhere else (i.e. indent/unindent, drag-drop) fixes it? This is a very interesting clue could narrow down the problem.

One more question: Do any of you have your inbox configured as the root of the document (outermost level) or under a specific item?

My inbox is just a document called “inbox”