In search filtered view, sometimes a node with children is shown as without

Minor UI issue:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have a tree with node bbb, which has a child ccc. Unfold bbb so that ccc becomes visible.
  2. Do a search for bbb to filter the view, so that bbb is still visible, while the child ccc is now hidden.
  3. Observe how the bbb node shows only a single dot, which normally indicates that it has no hidden children.
  4. Then click it to unfold, click again to fold again.
  5. Now the dot-with-circle-around bullet is shown as I would initially expect.

Screenshot taken before bbb was unfolded. I expected a circle around the dot.


If bbb is initially folded, showing the dot-in-circle, then the dot-in-circle stays this way in filtered view.

The only-dot is confusing, when I can actually click it to reveal children. So in a search result, it looks like a leaf.


Web-app, Windows 10, Chrome

Thanks for reporting!

@Shida: didn’t we fix this? Or is this intended?

That’s certainly something we thought was fixed, but I believe it was never fixed :frowning:

I’ll see what I can do, I can only get to a fix for this after I finish my patch for the rendering optimization I’m working to finish this week, otherwise it’s gonna be a really bad merge.

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Ok, let’s come back to this after you’re done with the big performance optimization.

Thanks for reporting this, @Bjarke_Ebert!

I can confirm this bug and look forward to it being fixed as well.

Envirorenment: Web-app, Windows Server 2008 R2, Firefox ESR 38.5.1

Thanks @Andreas!

Another ping @Shida

I just want to add that this is not only a cosmetic thing.
The small dot can have drastic consequences.
I have a huge doc because I imported from Workflowy. Once in a while I do a bit of refactoring.
So I search the tree about some subject and manually merge similar subtrees together, to remove duplication/redundancy.
Somtimes I see two similar nodes, one of them being a whole subtree, and the other looking like a leaf (because of the UI issue). Only because I have been careful, I have avoided deleting what looked merely like a leaf.

An idea: Ask for confirmation when deleting a (folded?) subtree of more than 10 nodes, or so. It is likely a mistake.

This is something I will be looking at right away since our optimization pass has been deployed.


I have a fix for this ready, and it will be deployed soon!

This should be fixed… @Bjarke_Ebert could you confirm?

Yes, it works now.
Thanks for fixing this!

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