Improve experience of users who don't have regular access to internet

I often use the android app with offline mode for several days/weeks because I don’t have access to internet. Several time I was locked out of the app and I couldn’t use it anymore. I had to wait to have an internet connection to log in again. If I understand it well you lock out the app after 30 days or so. I understand you are doing this for security purpose but this make your app unreliable for users who don’t have regular access to internet.
At the very least you should add a warning “the app will lock you out in 5 days, unless you lock out/in again”.

A better solution would be to add a setting “never lock me out”. That way users who don’t have access to internet for a month or more can be sure that they can save data in your app without having to worry that they may not have access to it just because the app lock them out.

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This is not supposed to happen, as we set Dynalist’s session to never expire unless you log out or if you change password.

Do you have any apps that try to clean up your phone by cleaning up other apps’ data regularly?

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That’s weird, because I don’t any app like this. I have been using dynalist for 6 months and I have been lock out more than 4 times. And each time, it was right in the wrong period !

Did you manually clean any cache? Or upgraded your Android?

No, I did nothing of the sort.

I don’t think there’s much we can help then. I double checked with our engineer and he reassured me there’s no session expiry. Neither of us experienced getting logged out and we’ve installed the apps on both Android and iOS for years… Haven’t heard anyone else report this either.

Looks like it’s an unreproducible bug instead of a feature request from the looks of things right now, unless there are steps we can use to reproduce this issue (I don’t mind waiting 30 days if that’s part of the repro step) or hear someone else talk about this issue. Sorry about that.

To be clear I believe I know what you’re talking about – I have a few apps that ask me to log in from time to time, which is annoying. I have all my passwords in 1Password and I have to enter those strong passwords by hand each time that happens. That’s partially why we went to non-expiring sessions in the first place.

Good to know it shouldn’t have happen.

I had a new phone for several weeks now and I haven’t experienced this since.

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