Ideas to improve the layout

Its sometimes difficult not to get lost in bigger lists.

I would suggest some layout changes in order to make the lists easier to oversee. For example making the space between toplevel bulletpoints and thier children smaller and at the same time increasing the space when a toplevel point (or one of its children) meet the next top level point. (so that a point and its children forms some kind of block)

I really would love if there was was an option to make the children-bulletpoints in a list smaller. (the lower thier rank the smaller).
It also would be cool if dynalist uses different bulletpoint symboles for different levels (as word does by default)

but anyway thanks for the great work, i really think the world needs tools to structure the mess in peoples head :slight_smile:


There’s already increasing spacing for that, maybe it’s not too obvious? It also increases with the number of levels of children there are.


its not too obvious currently.

I would like this suggestion too, and Ive done it a few times before too

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the spacing is not as pronounced as it is on Workflowy - in my eyes for some reason.

on Workflowy, there seems to be a slight change in font size too as the list grows deeper. i think that’s not here?

my eyes had to adjust as a hardcore workflowy user, and i almost didn’t move over because of it lol

but love the app :slight_smile: hope you do keep developing it. i’m on the edge of getting an annual plan :slight_smile:


atm it feels a bit as if the childeren look too "important"
i am using the notes feature excessively get around this but long notes come with downsides. (you see a lot of unrenderd markdown code, items cant be moved that easliy and calender sync always refers to the whole note).
using the biggest headline helps a bit too.

All of this and thousands more things can be done in CSS while the default can stay minimal as right now. Some people here can help other users to style those things, but it’s hard to expect from everyone to install stylish or use only browser when they have options to use desktop/mobile apps. So please consider bumping this in your priority list instead of making changes in default, minimal theme. Simple textarea in settings with injecting its content into <style id="dynalist-custom"></style> would be enough. At least for web and desktop apps.


That’s correct. I think in WorkFlowy text stops getting smaller at a certain level though.

yeah that’s true. but right now in Dynalist, there doesn’t seem to be any font size changes even on the first 3 levels? i think that’ll be really helpful here to make a distinction in terms of children and parents

i don’t think anyone edits more than 3 levels deep without zooming in already so yeah :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree. We’ll think about it, thanks for the suggestion!

This definitely needs some experimentation since more font size variation could potentially make the page looks messy. As far as I know, WorkFlowy only has 2 levels of font sizes.

I also agree, that workflowy is much more cleaner and simpler to oversee. It works smooth and you have the information. With dynalist I get stuck with the view of lists, spaces, etc. I am not a typo or design expert though I cannot say, what makes workflowy looks more as one design.

However I wish to have a smoother list-design in default dynalist without tweaking of css. Currently it holds me back to transfer my workflows keylists do dynalist as I would loose focus.