I wish item search didn't act this way

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Item search

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No results

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It’s annoying sometimes because I love the “move to” function but I generally know exactly what the item is called, so I’d rather a search for “shopping” show “shopping” and not “sgfd hfgdf gdfodfg dppfg dfinfgd g” just because the sequence is in there too. If a person wanted to search single letters they’d have used spacebar to seperate them, and if they type a string they are looking for that string in series not seperated. I’ll try to find some better examples…I’ve had some absurd results show up above the more obvious thing i was searching…

Here’s an example: I’m trying to move an item to my programming list, obviously I don’t want that first item
(irrelevant tip: I’ve been putting a . before words that I move things to often, to help make them uniquer and faster to find)


Why does letter search even exist? Who would want that?