I will share my document. How many emails can I link in maximum?

I will plan to use my dynalist in my teaching class.
I created a document but I am suddenly wondering how many email can I share in the document share option. Currently the number to be linked is over 70 mail holders. Can dynalist work in the that many students who can edit in share mode?

There’s no hard limit on how many emails you can share to. If > 100 people concurrently collaborate on a document though, there might be sync performance issues.

If you just want your students to see your document, you could share a secret link instead, so you don’t need to manually add all their addresses. The risk is that your students might forward this link to other people. In the end, it depends on how secure you want the document to be. If you want, sharing to over 100 people is fine too.

How can 70 students edit one document without stepping on each other’s work?