I never receive any email

Steps to reproduce

Try to create an account with an email and a password instead of a Google account. Or try to use the “reset password” feature.

Expected result

I should receive a confirmation email signaling that I have created the account, or a link to reset the password.

Actual result

I don’t receive any email from dynalist. I’ve tried several different email adresses using gmail, yandex and custom domain names, and checked the spam folder everytime. I also waited several days to see if it was not due to a delay. Finally, I tried using Thunderbird and a web interfaces.



Additional information

I wish to unlink my google account from dynalist and use a regular password. Not receiving any email currently prevent that.

Could you PM me the email address you used so I can try resending it to you?

I just received a mail for theaccount I created days ago, did you do something ? Anyway, I just moved all my data into it, and will buy the pro account on this one, while closing the others.

Thank you, you can close this ticket.

Thanks for the update and sorry about that.

There seems to have been an issue with our email sending service, which we have just resolved.