I cannot set a password if I signed up with Google

Steps to reproduce

Expected result

not saying ‘you did not sign up with a password’ but rather letting it be set

Actual result

I cant set it


and also the Android app “Dynawrite”

Dynawrite wants my dynalist password because it cant use google login.

Additional information

Perhaps unlinking my Google account is the answer but I don’t dare press that button for fear or being locked out of my account forever with no way back in.

Additional comments

You can set a password here: http://dynalist.io/forgot

That way you can log in both with password and Google login.

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That worked, thank you.

@Erica This is not very intuitive, I have signed up with Google so if I unlink my Google account and logout I guess I’d have no means to access my account anymore. Wouldn’t be better to make the user set a password before unlinking an account if there’s no password set?
Or maybe showing an option “Set password” instead of “Change password” in the account settings.

UX confusion aside, the secret is set your password with that link erica posted. It’s called reset but it’s really setting it from nothing to something. Don’t unlink your Google acct.

If I remember correctly, if you try to unlink your Google account when you don’t have a password, a big warning will pop up (not 100% sure, please don’t try it without asking me to confirm first).

Good idea. It’s just that not many people have this use case – people who use their Google account most likely just continue to do so.

Hi there!

When I created my Dynalist account, I did not sign up with Google, just registered my gmail and set a password. Some time later, I went into the settings and established the link with my Google account, which by the way contains the gmail that I had previously registered. Now I can sign in with both the Google account and my gmail and password.

Now, my (perharps silly) questions are:

  • Is there any difference between sign in with Google and sign in with my gmail and password?
  • Is there any harm in not choosing to sign up with Google when I created my Dynalist account?
    I suppose that the answer for these questions would be “no”, but I would like to confirm.


Difference is that Google requires you to log into Google in that browser. If your Google account has 2-factor authentication, it might not be convenient to log into your Dynalist on a public computer. The good thing about Google login is that you don’t need to remember the password (we recommend use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password).

No there isn’t. Linking it later is the same as signing up with Google login.

I hope that helps!

Thank you very much, Erica!

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