Set password

I made my account logging in through gmail. I want to add a password to log in normally (on android devices for example) but I get the error message “You did not sign-up with a password.”

I can’t set a new password and give the old one if I never had one before.

The solution described here doesn’t work anymore: I cannot set a password if I signed up with Google (link redirects to nothing)

That link was broken when I did it too, I searched around and found the forgot password page myself

Sorry – did you mean this link was not working?

Seems to work for me. It doesn’t require an old password either.

I think you have to log out for the link to work, so it gets confusing for the people who are logged in via google trying to get a password

Thanks! That was exactly it, when logged in it just redirected me to my normal Dynalist

@BigChungus @z_user True, we should fix that and not make it redirect to your Dynalist.

Forgot to update – a fix was released in August 2018.