Hyperlink to shared dynalist document

Steps to reproduce

  1. have a friend share a dynalist document and send you the hyperlink.
  2. add that hyperlink to any of your dynalist documents ex: awesome link
  3. click on that link

Expected result

You would expect that link would bring you to the shared dynalist list.

Actual result

After clicking on that hyperlink, a message will appear:


This was observed on a Windows 10 os in Chrome

Additional information

User can reload the page after the error message appears (F5) and the shared link shows fine.
Using dev tools shows an error related to websockets:

I think this is caused by Dynalist interpreting all dynalist.io links as if they were internal links. Ideally it would detect whether a link links to content in the user’s own Dynalist, and if not, open in new tab as with normal external links.