How to set fix width font for chinese?

I want to use dynalist to deal with plain text tables which contains chinese. i have tried all the fonts in settings, none of them are fix width font for chinese.


Chinese characters are “fixed-width” by default, aren’t they?

I tried inputting some random characters in Word:


So technically all fonts should work for the Chinese characters to line up.

sorry i didn’t make myself clear, check below images:
i create tables in
in dynalist:
in notepad++:
when create tables contain chinese and english, the table border can not show like notepad++.
is there any way to set my own fonts?


i found a solution to set custom font, so this problem is solved.
use a custom css below:

.is-mobile .LeftPaneContainer {
font-family: “黑体”;



I see, so it’s about keeping the width fixed when mixing with Latin characters.

Glad to know you’ve found a solution to it! :slight_smile: