How to restore lost changes? Is there a history or something like that?

I don’t know the reason of problem, but i lost some data with yesterday changes. Now i can’t find how to restore previous version. Ctrl-Z already don’t work, and current version of my docs is like a mutant of what i changed and what it was. Is there a history or something like that to restore previous versions? Or only paied version can garantee normal work with docs?
It was so great to work with dynalist, but now i’ve lost a piece of my data and it may be a reason to don’t use it anymore.
If you have some history, please, could you restore it to yesterday state?
Lost data was in “Спринт 147” doc

@Erica, would you be able to help with this?

The plan is to have a Pro feature for viewing the version history and restoring past versions soon.

Other than that, if it’s a Dynalist bug that caused the data loss rather than a user error (e.g. you edited a document in a browser without internet for an hour and then restarted your computer), we can revert document for now. In that case, get in contact with us by email ( and let us know the exact time you want to revert to.