How to jump to item while maintaining context?

I’m super stumped about how to achieve this:

I’m in some list (call it “Notes”), and I want to jumpt to a particular item containing the term “Spam,” but I want to view it in the context of “Notes.” I.e., I just want to be scrolled down to “Spam”; I don’t want to be inside “Spam.”

Right now, I’m try to Cmd-F and place my cursor there and then clear the search, but that doesn’t work. Neither does zooming into “Spam,” then zooming back out into “Notes.”

This is a very common workflow for me, so I’d love to know how to achieve this. What do you all do?

Perhaps relevant: File finder for EVERY ITEM inside file

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Essentially, I want something like every browser’s built-in Cmd-F, so I guess I could just change the shortcut for Find in Dynalist to not conflict with the browser shortcut for Cmd-F.

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Thanks for the question!

Unfortunately, the current answer is simply no. We don’t have anything built-in like that.

Although undoubtedly this would be invaluable if you have a long list.

Really want to carry on the discussion, but I think it’s more appropriate and more discoverable if we continue the discussion in the Features category.

Thoughts, @Yatharth_Agarwal?

Do you think maybe Dynalist shouldn’t do anything about this since browsers implement this exactly?

Browser find won’t match rendered content like LaTeX, images, and links, but I don’t think that’s too much of an issue.

More importantly, either (a) Dynalist will have to change its default find shortcut to Cmd-Shift-F or (b) users will have to remap the shortcuts—and think of doing so in the first place. Neither option seems very good, though I guess (b) might suffice.


Cmd-G should do the same thing on Chrome, which we didn’t override (just guessing here, Ctrl+G works great on Windows). Actually I think Ctrl+G is much better, and I’ve abandoned Ctrl+F even when I’m not on Dynalist.



Ah, so sorry about the confusion. I meant for jumping to item in general. For example, if Dynalist accounts for this kind of jumping, going to item A in context B in another document would be much easier. So it’s a more general thought, not specific to jumping to an item that’s on this page.

A thought: maybe we can treat the item as a “line number” in terms of syntax. What I mean by that is this, what if you can search for

Name of bookmarked item:another query

And when you go there, the bookmarked item will be the zoomed in item, and the item that matches “another query” will be scrolled to.