How to have 2 paid subscriptions of Dynalist on same computer (work vs home)

Let’s say I have one computer on which I’ll keep HOME notes and WORK notes. But I want them to be completely separate. Assuming I am not able to use just one subscription to Dynalist to accomplish this, let’s assume I buy 2 annual subscriptions. Even in this case, how could this work on my one computer? Specifically:

  1. What 2 Browser desktop icons/shortcuts could I set up, so that one goes to HOME, and the other goes to WORK?
  2. What about the local version? How could I do the same thing, where one icon/shortcut goes the local version of HOME, and the other goes to the local version of WORK?

I think your best chance is to use two different browsers, say Chrome and Edge or Safari. That will keep the logins and all the cookie stuffs separate.


You can add “profiles” to Chrome image

Basically, it seperates everything, including login passwords.

And it lets you save a chrome icon for each profile on your desktop. If you make 3, you can log into 1 account each and get 3 accounts open at the same time.


You can event save a shortcut directly to Dynalist from each profile, and have 3 pseudo-apps with 3 accounts.

This is great - thank you, BigChungus. (Also thanks to Alan.) I think that solves the issue for when I am connected to the Internet. Still pondering how the Local version might work. NEW IDEA: Hmm… I was just thinking about how Dynalist only allows the User to open one instance of the local version. And then it occurred to me that I could resolve this whole issue by using VMWare or some such virtual operating system tool - It does add some complexity to my setup - but I think that would solve this whole issue! Let me know if anyone has any further thoughts.