How to copy an item on mobile?

Hi! On the desktop, I can hold down Ctrl while dragging an item to copy it and its children to a new location. Is there a way to do that on mobile?

I know about the Ctrl-Shift-M shortcut to move an item. Is there a similar shortcut to make a copy of one?


Sorry there’s no command to do that on mobile.

I see you’re talking about shortcuts – are you using an external keyboard with the mobile app? Otherwise I don’t see how one can use Ctrl-Shift-M without tapping that “move” icon in the toolbar.

Ok, I see. Being able to copy nodes (and their children) on mobile would be a valuable feature for me. I have a template that I make a copy of as part of my daily routine. It’s easy to do on desktop, but it sounds like I can’t do it on mobile yet.

I’m not using an external keyboard with my phone, but I do sometimes use the excellent Hackers Keyboard, which allows one to send key commands as though one were using a regular keyboard. That’s how I knew that Ctrl-Sh-M works on mobile. :grin:

I’ll start a new item in the Feature Request section. Thanks for your answer!


Awesome. Thanks Craig!