How to change account name?

Is it possible to change my account name on

That field is not editable on the settings page (e.g.

Trivial question. Feel free to ignore … but if perchance someone does know how to change my account name (e.g. from ken1) to something else, please share.


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You should be able to change it by clicking on this button:

Hi Erica. I was wondering about this too. The username field for me does not have the pencil/edit icon to make changes.

Weird, I just checked the admin settings, and the current setting is that after being registered for 1 day, you can change the user name. Need to look into this.

It seems that people have this issue fixed by disabling an option called “SSO override username”, which we don’t have enabled in the first place…

Need to look more into it to figure out why, sorry!

Thanks Erica. Not a huge deal for me, but good to know the status. Thanks for the details and looking into it!

Thanks, Mark, for confirming. I don’t see that edit/pencil button either.

Thanks, Erica. Certainly no rush but thanks for investigating!

@Ken1 @Mark_Gammon

For now I can change it for you, if you guys can kindly tell me the desired username.

Even if there’s no way to fix it with Discourse, we can at least provide a way to change name in Dynalist, and upon logging out and back in the name should update.

Even I’m not able to do so. would you mind changing mine to jerrygoyal

Done! :slight_smile:

Can you please change my to KC? Thanks.


For future username change requests: Forum username change requests