Forum username change requests


For some reason, Discourse (the software that this forum runs on) sometimes generates funky names for SSO from Dynalist.

And for some other reason, it’s not possible for the user itself to change their username in Discourse.

So if you want to change your username, please comment below and I can change it for you!

Please note that usernames need to be unique, so if someone has taken the username you want, you need to find something else. Sorry about that!

How to change account name?

Hi Erica! Can I be JohnLi please? Thanks :slight_smile:


Done! :slight_smile:



Hi Erica, could you change my username to “Laphy”? Thanks!




I am fine with “Philipp” :relaxed:


Haha, alright :wink:


Necropost but still relevant sooooo… @Erica

Requesting my name change to “rNin” please :slight_smile:


Changed. Sorry for the delay!


Hello! Can I be Thursday, please? If that’s taken, JustThursday? I don’t want my full legal name as my username but I don’t seem to be able to change it myself. Thanks!


Done! Hi Thursday! Today it’s you :slight_smile:


lol every seventh day! thank you. :smile:


Sorry to be a bother, can I be “AB”?


Hi @ABNY, sorry the name “AB” is taken. Is there another name you want to use?


Please change my username to Mike77.

Thank you!


No prob, how about ABNY?


@Mike77 @ABNY: done and done!


I want to change to BigChungus


Okay… It’s not a joke right?