How do I delete tags?


Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Click for individual tags


hmm - that just pulls up a rename box. What am I doing wrong?



I’m not on a Mac. Try Alt+Shift+Click


Nope - doesn’t work. Oh well - thanks for trying! I guess it’s time for Dynalist support.


Its just Alt+Click, but you cannot be focused on that line ie. cursor elsewhere. Sorry, just realised you are referring to the tag pane.


In the tag pane, right click and choose “Rename”. Rename it to empty. This is faster than deleting them individually, but it only works on a per-document basis.

In other words, only for the tags under “Document tags”.

I hope that helps!


That’s useful to know. Thanks Erica.

Can’t help feeling that solution is a bit unintuitive though . Maybe a right click option to delete would be helpful? Also, a global delete option? Personally, I have some tags which have a long life, and others which are more tactical and only used for a short period, so the ability to delete all instances easily would be welcome.


So frustrating! Doesn’t seem to do anything; I right-click (or ctl-click, or alt-click) the tag I want to delete, but I don’t get a rename - I just get the Firefox contextual menu. Mac OS Sierra, latest version of Firefox.


You have to right click on the document tag list in the tag pane. Doesn’t work on the all tags section.


Yup - that’s what I’m doing.


Ok, I agree it’s kind of hidden and hard to discover without asking. Will add to our todo list.


OK, it appears that Firefox has contextual menus dependent on right-clicking; as I understand it, for devs with pages that need right-click functionality the devs are supposed add code to disable Firefox’s contextual menu in those areas.


A screenshot might be better:

Does this work for you?


Here’s what you get when you right click on a tag (or anything for that matter) in Firefox Mac (Firefox Quantum v64.0). Like I said, it seems it’s up to the developer to disable this in their code if they want to use right-click functionality - there’s no way for the user to disable it (that I’ve been able to find):


I see, let me try reproducing this on Mac Firefox and see if we can fix it.

Thanks a lot for the screenshot!


Thanks - it would be great to be able to delete tags that are no longer being used.


This is painful. Deleting individuals #tags


I believe this behavior is specifically overridden to show what Erica posted in the screenshot before your post.

Just tried to repro this but I seem to get exactly what Erica is getting (the “rename” menu pops up).

Do you see any errors in the developer tools console when you right click on the tag?


Well, no errors on right click, there are a few errors that show up on loading Dynalist and they’re included in the screenshot attached. This behavior is identical on two different machines (Macbook Air and Macpro) and two different OS’s (El Cap and Sierra).


I can’t seem to figure out what could be causing your issue as I am unable to reproduce it on my end. I’m using the same version of Firefox as your screenshot.

The only difference I can think of is my test machine on macOS High Sierra, and the fact that I have no add-ons installed.