How do I delete tags?


This is painful. Deleting individuals #tags


I believe this behavior is specifically overridden to show what Erica posted in the screenshot before your post.

Just tried to repro this but I seem to get exactly what Erica is getting (the “rename” menu pops up).

Do you see any errors in the developer tools console when you right click on the tag?


Well, no errors on right click, there are a few errors that show up on loading Dynalist and they’re included in the screenshot attached. This behavior is identical on two different machines (Macbook Air and Macpro) and two different OS’s (El Cap and Sierra).


I can’t seem to figure out what could be causing your issue as I am unable to reproduce it on my end. I’m using the same version of Firefox as your screenshot.

The only difference I can think of is my test machine on macOS High Sierra, and the fact that I have no add-ons installed.