How can I use H4 - H6?

How can I use H4 - H6?

You can’t, if I’m not mistaken. I compensate with color labels in the few documents where I need that kind of header depth.

Thank you.berdan.
Does that mean that you can not use it even if you add a CSS class?

Also I found this kind of writing, but can not you do using additional plugins etc?

I wrote this feature request I wanted about a month ago, about the need for a Table of Contents / special $variable tag to navigate large complex documents quickly for things like research proposals, large wikis, or bookwriting

✪ TABLE OF CONTENT NAV: Scroll Tag $variable [OR] Right Pane Nav H1 to H6

EDIT: Adding onto the Table of Contents Idea It would be really cool to have something similar to, where when you specify a documents H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 header tags, etc that you could pregenerate / automatically generate a Table of contents based on those. And then access that on as a right side preview pane (Top Navigation - Traditional TOC example - would be the tag index cloud mentioned earlier) (Right Side Example -!/files…

Hi @Shun, plugins are not available right now.

Also, because H3 is already that small, H4 - 6 would be visually indistinguishable from normal text unless we blow up H1 - 3.

With the outline hierarchy, I find headers not as useful as in, say, a Word document. What’s your use case?

Thanks for your reply, Erica.

The use case is copy paste to WP.
When pasting, H4-H6 was necessary to be read as a heading.

So we don’t want a visual distinction.
Also, I thought that I did not know that I was using the H tag for changing the font color if it could be supported by CSS.