How are you changing the look and feel of Dynalist?

I’ve noticed users created scripts very much like what Stylish offers in altering the appearance of sites to better suit them. Currently I’m happy with how Dynalist looks like, so I don’t use anything.

For those build on top of the default design, what do you use, and what might make things easier for you?


I’ve just been tweaking existing styles, rather that writing new ones.

I do find that the item list in Dynalist is relatively narrow, leaving lots of empty screen estate. Is there a guide to the styles that would control something like page width?

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@Erica do you have any ideas?

Have you tried Settings - Preferences - Appearance - uncheck “center align document”?


Here’s my pastebin CSS file

Files are messy since I never clean it up, but it works as intended

These are my options in settings I leave on:

Quick summary of what the color schema selection was:

font-type faces and general settings

Default theme. There’s been many studies on what theme schemas are best (Dark, light,Sepia, etc). Sepia tends to fail in conjunction with flux and specific color calibrated monitors and during daytime user. Dark is very bad for your eyes in a lit-room settings, which your room should be lit anyways so go buy more office lights. Default works best. Christmas is the most awful theme of the lot, its too contrasting and I’m not even sure if this theme was made as a holiday joke either.

I use calibri font for all my normal notes for high readability on the most compact list setting. Generally speaking calibri is a superior sans-serif font and agreed upon in the design community as such

I disabled spellchecker because I almost always know when I mistype something but intentionally choose to ignore it for writing speed and efficiency

I use comic-sans as my 2ndary font for headers -H2 H3, since its hilariously easy to see (its a joke that comic sans is SO unprofessional looking that its shunned in resume writing) while at the same time not too distracting, therefore, a good 2ndary font. Also, its supported by every browser and windows OS since its a legacy font, so I never have to worry about cross-device / cross-app functionality.

H1 tags are reserved for outlining extremely complex documents (100+ subheaders / headers long). I use it primarily to heavily densed PDFs (like ecommerce user manuals) , code libraries, etc. Its a wildcard RESERVED cache header*

I push bulletpoints back at its current location. The reason for this is because you can do anything the standard default workflowy / dynalist SHIFT+TAB does, but much more with this. It also intuitively makes more sense if your used to wordprocessors like MSword

Time stamps are only for applying easy to read time stamps. Not for managing TODO later lists, etc. I run a macro , “e#” to generate current time within 5 minutes for easy readability !(5/5/2017 10:55)

Color selection pallette

I choose neutral colors and neutral fonts (brown, grey, black, green, blue, purple and yellow)

This is my color selection Matrix:

I only chose half of the color wheel since it was more than enough colors for me to work with

Certain colors elicit certain emotions, this is well studied in color psychology, art, and webdesign

Brown is selected as well since its a very neutral color, and it is created by mixing 2 complimentary colors together (Orange and blue, Green and red). I use it for my H3 tags

I picked mostly Analogical colors, colors that work together in sequence

By default, Yellow is what I associate with “highlights” so I picked that naturally

Green and blue tend to be the most neutral colors and elicit “trust” so its less distracting on your eye overall in the grand scheme of things.

Blue. I just use the default theme’s tag background blue and a darker blue font for “#” tag names. I leave @ tag names on the regular default

Green. I use “g#” macro to apply the CTRL+SHIFT+4 color, and this is the only primary color I use. I use it to delimit large textx of information in my daily log

I chose “grey” as my imgur links because its too long of a URL and distracts from my work, so all I see is a grey light blob and I highlight my mouse over with imagus. IT requires less mainteance than using the markdown syntax for text links, , and makes it easy to both (1) READ (2) ENTER DATA at the same time, in a WYISWYG format, allowing me to enter data faster without any reservations

Purple is used for BOLD FONTS, because, a regular bold black font doesn’t stand up too well with my headers, or all my other conventions

Red is too distracting and is designed / geared toward “open loop” productivity -type setups, whereas mine is more “closed loop” , as in my dynalist has 0 maintenance associated with it. Once a month I’ll use red as a RESERVED color to highlight something of super high importance, otherwise I don’t.

Orange and pink were omitted because too many colors is too distracting

I also color certain URLs with different colors. Some reason on my CSS file it isn’t 100% working as intended here though, but I try and keep youtube links + github links + imgur links different from everything else, since there so distinctively different in terms of what they do for me compared to blogposts, etc

3rd Party plugins for maximizing Real Estate

I run FLUX to monitor during what time of day, whether I use warm / less warm colors for minimal eye fatigue, on a dual monitor setup, since I find I don’t need 3 or 4 monitors anyways, so long as I am very good at macro’ing everything

IMAGUS, for previewing my image links. I don’t use dynalist’s PRO built in file attacher, because I can’t manage the backend image links. HOWEVER, I do use it for PDF files many times which is extremely helpful, but I have file redundancies on all those assets in dropbox though

There’s nothing else I really use besides STYLISH, which is kind of obvious. I don’t run any Tamper Monkey scripts currently, haven’t found a need for it at the moment

I use rawbytez clip to dynalist plugin too mentioned on forums

Other than that, nothing else really

Macros with phrase express / General Dynalist things

I use only one document. Other doucments are purely just duplicated copies where I apply CTRL+SHIFT+1 red colors to everything so I know there duplicated. This is how I maintain version control for my note workflow revisions, even though I have dropbox + google integrations daily using dynalist Pro.

I run a lot of unicode + macros here with phraseexpress . Dating functions, etc etc

I’ll have to clean it up later for me to upload it (.pxb file), its really messy looking and only makes sense to me at the moment

this is the most current macro I wrote up :slight_smile:


Does Imagus no longer inject ads into your web browser?

I have never noticed any ads on imagus since the day I used it

However, you should always be wary of using extensions like these. When an extension gets really popular and sells out, they start selling your data and/or injecting malware scripts

Adblock Plus → sold out and sells ads to users, ublock origin does not
Hoverzoom → Injects malware, imagus does not

I check a bunch of reddit forums and so I can stay up-to-date on which extensions / webapps have either lost my data, sold out, and/or security leaks, so I can find better alternatives in the mean time

However, imagus is by default extracting and sending your browsing data. Just remove it on the OPTIONS


Oh, I see. That last part explains what I was concerned with. Thank you. I saw it in a scan by Adwcleaner.

I use Christmas theme.
It’s not I’m a Christmas fan but green is better than all black background
And I see it as a green chalkboard …
Maybe later the red color could be changed to brown to give more the impression of a school chalkboard and not Christmas

Oh, so that’s what it reminds me of.

I didn’t know this setting would make list be wider. Do you think a rephrase here could help?


I actually didn’t even know imagus was even doing this until you asked lol :stuck_out_tongue:

what did your adwcleaner log look like?

It suggested removing a line related to Imagus in Firefox’s pref.js file. (I replaced the username)

[C:\Users\%USER%\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9io1doz2.default\prefs.js] - "extensions.Imagus.sieve" - "{\"dereferers\":{\"link\":\"^[^/]{3,70}/\\\\??(hxxps?:[^?#]+\\\\.(?:jpe?g a?png gifv?

And there was this bad Imgur extension that I had on Chrome, that I think kept adding crappy default search engines.

Is there an easy way to monitor what each chrome extension is sending out? I really have no idea what extensions are bad or not on chrome, I don’t have any means of monitoring it at the moment

All I run right now is malware bytes and the default antivirus, I probably should be running more things than this though.

Before I was running glasswire (similar to wireshark) to analyze what packets of data my network was sending out, but I never found anything out of the ordinary and didn’t have anything to really alert me when suspicious data was being sent out

Also, what are you using to secure your operating system / PC?

Not much, really. I just rely on my adblockers and privacy badger. I guess I should be using Sandboxie, but I think that development for it was halted after it was bought out.

Adwcleaner was bought by Malwarebytes, but I don’t know if they’ve integrated it into the main program.

I use MSE/Windows Defender, which sometimes catches stuff.

Using noscript might be a good idea.

I forgot about this. Personally , I used uMatrix, which lets you decide which Javascript to disable. But I found it just entirely breaking every website I went too, sometimes I’d forget it was on and questioned whether the website itself was having problems. In the end it was really bothersome so I had to remove it off chrome

Wasn’t aware adwcleaner was bought out by malware bytes until i looked it up, not sure whats different about each now either

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We should continue this topic elsewhere, but the main advantage is that since Adwcleaner focuses on less things, it will scan faster, so that way you don’t have to run Malwarebytes (if your using the free version, assuming they haven’t incorporated anything).

Been using Sandboxie happily for many years. Still under active development - Sandboxie version 5.18 released on 13 April 2017.

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I was using a stylist script that removed the sidebar (bookmarks and document chooser). It also changed the colors around. I was working on Dynalist from iFrames embeded in TiddlyWiki mostly, so I wanted the colors to blend.

Now that there is a tag pane, which is a feature I like, I have to reincorporate the side bar.

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here an updated list of my scripts

→ apply across all domains

→ apply across a specific dynalist URL

how to use it

Download stylish chrome extension

Specify URLs on the domain here:

for the zenmode one, specify a really large document URL that you use a lot as the only place to use it.