How are you changing the look and feel of Dynalist?



I had to modify my userscripts slightly so these are thetwo I use below:

Just for clarity

Install this as is using Default Theme in dynalist

I use a dark theme on my coding documents. To install this on selected documents in dynalist, go manage the script and change this here:

To find your custom document URLs, go to your document, and grab the URL up top

Must have extensions with my styles

I utilize the following extensions as well on a daily basis

About how I use my styles

I use 2 styles for the following reasons:

I usually have a very well-lit office environment so it makes sense for all my regular notes to have a white default theme so it makes transitioning from dynalist notes → web surfing extremely easy for me

However, when I write code (javascript, CSS, PHP, etc) i usually use the same styles as code IDE editors like sublime text, visual code studio, , etc

I keep all of my heavy code snippets using the DARK THEME indicated above

This way I have both a default theme, and dark themes on demand

This helps me differentiate different documents in dynalist and helps me stay organized

When I take coursenotes though with code snippets, I usually use a default theme though

Specific Features with my Styles

You can dig through my CSS on my styles, but if your not familiar with it here,s the following feature sets

Dynalist Simple Colors for default theme

There’s some things here to make images smaller

.node-displayed-image {
	max-width: 20%;

Read it here: Shrink down Markdown Imgur Images ![]() and IMAGE GALLERY

Tag colors look like this:

Dynalist Simple Colors DARK for default theme

Not much to say here, except I have some specific targeters

Explanation of CSS in there

a[href^=""] {

This makes anything with that URL have a special color, since I reference javascript libraries alot. You can modfiy the URL towhatever you want , like youtube, etc

a[title^="Filter #"] {
    color: #ffffff; 
    font-style: normal;

This makes “#” tags in dynalist with a specific color override on my regular theme