Thanks to the new ==span== indicator designed for highlight, we can now do this:

Here’s some CSS to copy:

  • /* *italics* ~~strikethru~~ ==highlight== *==italics high==* ==~~strike high~~== *~~strike ital~~* *~~==strike ital high==~~* `code` */
    • .node-highlight { background-color: #ffff0066; }
    • .node-strike-through { background-color: #8888ec88; text-decoration: none; }
    • .node-italics { background-color: #fe888888; }
    • .node-inline-code { background-color : #444444; color: #aaaaff; padding: 2px 5px; }

hm, too much blue in the code. Maybe try #ccccff .


very clever!

New improved

Ctrl-E == == makes highlight.
Ctrl-I __ __ makes ital, which I disabled the font styling
Ctrl-U ~~ ~~ makes strikeout which I disabled the line thru.
** ** makes bold which still works.

And it turns out that __==stuff==__ looks different from ==_stuff_== so all the highlighting you need.
There’s a few more triple-colors possible, and I might like to tweak something to get a brown in there, but I’m quite pleased with the hot pink cyan and yellow main colors.