Highlight not working in desktop app

I can type ==highlight me== in my document and it will be highlighted when I view it in Chrome but not when I use the desktop app. Since I haven’t seen anyone else mention it I assume something is wrong with my setup. Any suggestions?

You’re currently running Dynalist 1.4.5.
Dynalist is up to date.

Unfortunately they make the App users wait for the updates.

I see. Thanks for letting me know. I think they should say in the update to what platform a new feature or improvement applies, and maybe even give a hint at how long others will have to wait.

In desktop 1.4.6 (Linux) ==highlight me== works just fine. If writing in Desktop anyway.

ed. Also if write in browser and then open in Desktop

It applies to the web immediately, and the apps a week or two later. That’s the pattern I’ve noticed.

It is working for me now.

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I hope so. Highlighting doesn’t yet work in the Android-App.

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Yellow! Iphone just updated.

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