Header give indent by auto?

Not sure if this is a good idea but I think it would be good if there was an option to choose where inserting a heading automatically makes an indent of the lines below the header, down to the next header.

Like this?


Yes, just like if manually indent by TAB.

And H1 also indent text and H2 + H3.

As I understand, H1 H2 H3 is by now just a way to get bigger text?

For now you can click and drag all of the items you want to indent, and then press tab once. Or shift+down arrow works too for selecting multiple items.

As for your auto-indent idea - I see it being a problem to identify what the user really wants indented. You would need to first start at the bottom and create a heading that auto-indents till the bottom, then move up a bit and create a heading that auto-indents until the next heading. And so on, up your list. I don’t think that would be very intuitive to other users. There would be a lot of complaints of “I made a heading and it shifted my whole document below by 1 tab!” bug. I think it already easy enough to manually shift your below-heading items via one press of the tab key.

Yes I understand there can be issues and therefore this must be selected as an option.

I think niche workflow automations like this are better created on the user computer. They might eventually save you some presses of the tab key over the years to make it ‘worth it’ to create, but probably doesn’t help enough users to warrant the server-side coding hours and increased complexity of too many options presented to the users. I can say I don’t imagine any scenario where I would ever use the feature, personally. I don’t use headings nor nest my tabs in such a pattern.

To do this on your computer, you can pick any keyboard macro app, like alfred, automator, etc. Then assign a hotkey that plays the keyboard macro back. In your case, it plays the “heading 1” hotkey, then the down arrow key, then the tab key. As you can imagine, detecting the end or next heading is a tricky task, so you might not find it worth it to code all that vs just manually doing it.