Have option drag item under a collapsed item placed at the top

The drag item under a collapsed item location used to be at the top, but now it was at the bottom. If this was a change on purpose, can we have an option put it back on top? It just feel more logical to me. Thanks.


Yes, I saw it. I hope they add an option to be placed on top. Because for people have long list of items (like me), I can’t even see the items placed until I scroll to the end.

Strangely, dropping at the bottom felt more logical to me. The items that come last are placed last, naturally.

If you purposely want to move it to the top, I suggest using the move to option instead of drag.

I guess I treat each item more as a real-world object, the newest item always at the top. Or you can think like email, it makes no sense (to me) that you have to scroll to the bottom to read the most recent email. I hope you consider adding an option (because I rarely use move function), or better yet, having some option to automatically sort for each list. Thanks.

I see, thanks for the explanation. Let’s see if more people are interested in this.

Btw, this is a bug report for this exact issue:

We are getting to the point where every type of move action requires an option to go to the top / bottom (e.g. send to inbox / move to) - I wonder if people who want the top for one type always want the top for the other type too … maybe not :confused:

Well, I don’t know about other people, but for me the two movement options were, in fact, choosing to go to the top. I think the best way to solve with this is to have a function that allows each individual item to have its own automatic sorting option, so the default placement doesn’t matter too much anymore.