Group Tags by Current Item

Currently we have two groups of tags: Document Tags and All Tags.

These groups are often too broad for my everyday use. A couple examples:

  1. I have an outline of artists and albums I have listened to, and I enter my ratings for each album as a tag (#1-star, #2-star, etc.) It is nice to be able to search on the tag and at a glance see all of my 5-star albums. It’s also helpful to see how many albums have that rating with the counter next to the tag.
    However, if I were to ever start rating movies, then the two tag groupings would start to intertwine in an undesirable way.

  2. I use tags to keep track of characters and locations in my outlined notes for my Dungeons & Dragon campaign. This can include a couple hundred tags, and it’s great to be able to see them all in a list when I am brainstorming.
    However, if I were to include in the same document an outline for a different campaign, then again the tags start to intertwine and it breaks my system.

In both situations, I have created separate documents to keep the tags separated. This solution works, but is counter-intuitive to why I use Dynalist. I prefer to keep my information stored in few, but deeply nested documents. It’s great to have different documents for my GTD system, my work documentation, and my personal notes; but I’d like to have the same document for all of my tabletop campaigns.

My idea would be to create a third tag group: Item Tags. It would simply display all tags of the current zoomed-in item and anything nested underneath it. Selecting a tag from this list would, likewise, only show results for that item (and its nested contents). That way if I want to view all of the tags of only a part of my document, I can just zoom in on it rather than separating it out into its own document.

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This is a great idea.

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