"Go To Anything"

Hey there! Love Dynalist. I’m, like many others apparently, a recent Workflowy refugee, and I’m tremendously happy to have found a similar tool that is not only more advanced, but also in obvious active development. (You probably get that a lot these days!)

Here’s a quick suggestion for a future feature.

I really like the Cmd-O “go to file/bookmark” finder. It’s very useful. What would make it even better, IMO, is if it was a “Go To Anything” fuzzy finder that allowed me to search and jump to any node in any of my documents.

Obviously, actual files and bookmarks should have a higher weight, so if any of those match, they should also be the first search results.

Alternatively, the “Go To Anything” mode could be optional through Cmd-Shift-O.

Happy to hear thoughts from the team and other users alike. Either way, keep up the great work!


Big +1 on this. It could work like in vscode for example (or atom, or sublime text), where you can go from “go to anything” to “go to this particular kind of thing” adding a first character. For example an “@” to search through files or bookmarks, something else to search through nodes etc, and just search through everything otherwise.

I just realized that the current “Move to” feature is already very close, UI-wise; it seems to be aware of all available nodes, offers fuzzy search, and so on.

I would so love this feature. I often think of a specific project/section/node that I would like to jump to quickly and hate having to bookmark it first.

This is now available as a Pro feature. Thank you, Dynalist team!

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