Go back to the last document - hotkey

it happens a lot where i am working in one document but i want to add some things to some other document, (which i normally do by using the ctrl+o hotkey to search for and open the document, add the note, then ctrl+o and search again to get back to the document i was in)

it would be useful if there was a hotkey that would let you switch back to the last document instead of having do all that or without having to use the sidebar.

the browser back button usually works ok if you are just writing a quick note, but if you end up zooming into a few different items then you have you have to go back through all of them to get to where you were originally

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Interesting request. I can see how it can be useful.

Anyone else experiencing the same need?

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looks like its just me so :smiley:

ive been thinking another way of doing it would be to copy the behaviour of most browser back forward buttons which let you click and hold to see a list of the previous pages. (i use dynalist web version in a chrome app window so those buttons arent available in that mode)

that way you wouldnt need a hotkey, the only downside would be that it wouldnt work on the web or mobile version unless they got the same back and forward buttons like the desktop app has


you can mark this one as implemented if you want

the recent change to the file finder that puts the last document at the 1st position in the list instead of 2nd means you only have to press ctrl+o and then enter to switch back and forth to the last document. nice!


Thanks for the kind follow-up, Dave!