Global search within a folder

Hello - I currently have my Dynalist set up with 2 main folders - personal & work. Within each I have subfolders and docs. How can I search everything within my work parent folder (without it searching my personal)?

In a Workflowy environment I could simply click into my Work breadcrumb and search via the search bar.

I’m open to suggestions of re-organizing given the split between work /personal too. That includes setting up two accounts - so long as I can log into both accounts from the same app instance.



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Unfortunately the answer is there’s no way to do that now. Can’t seem to think of any workarounds for now either, except for accounts. You could do that but I imagine it’s a lot of work to switch between two browser instances. (Are you using the desktop app right now?)

Here’s a link to the this feature request: Search in a specific folder, not all of them

Maybe we should consider adding this to the roadmap soon to gather more votes.

Prefix the names of each document with p. or w. to represent personal and work documents respectively. When you do a global search, include ancestor:p. or ancestor:w to limit the search to personal or work documents, respectively.