Getting started with Dynalist document innacuracy / omissions

Noticed that the “Getting started with Dynalist” document has an error:
Convert lists to checklists by choosing “Make checklist” in the item menu or Ctrl+Alt+C

This should read as Ctrl+Shift+C. It is listed correctly in other places.

Also, gentle suggestion, good info RE: tags and how they work, etc. took some work to find and feels lacking. Maybe some better search results on your help page/FAQ and include info on what # and @ are for or at least the use cases?

New to this - as are a few other friends - and we want to have a great experience.

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Thanks for the gentle feedback!

I’ve corrected the shortcut but unfortunately each user gets a new copy so it’s only fixed for future new users (they get a copy rather than a read-only version because we want you guys to have something ready to play with). Really sorry about having overlooked this!

A getting started guide is a great idea! We might have assumed that most people who sign up have a good working understanding of outliners in general but that’s probably not true now. A gentle getting started guide might be useful in guiding new users.

Thanks again for the feedback!