From Alfred to Inbox


I think it’d be a great feature to have an Alfred-Workflow that allows sending typed content directly into the set inbox, e.g. like so

dyn A thought
dyn Another thought

Do you think this could be done, given that dynalist would have to be accessed via browser?


nope, non?
Or might this better be addressed as an API-Idea?


Yeah, more like an API. Or does Alfred support something like URL scheme?


Hi @Erica

Alfred ( has a really nice python library for writing workflows. It would be pretty easy to integrate using a dynalist API.


API is in the works! :smile:

Soon this can come true :star2:


Whoa there’s an API? Is it alive?

There seems to be some instructions at

Alfred workflows for HTTP POST seem to exist. I read the github code of this one and it might not take too much alterations to become a dynalist workflow.

Sorry, I don’t have much free time to tinker with it, but maybe someone is interested!


Yay it works! @Danny_Nelson wrote the curl code in another post. I deleted the notes function since I don’t use it.

make the workflow yourself with keyword and the code at Does anyone have curl code to "add to inbox"? Sorry I am not good at programming