From Alfred to Inbox

I think it’d be a great feature to have an Alfred-Workflow that allows sending typed content directly into the set inbox, e.g. like so

dyn A thought
dyn Another thought

Do you think this could be done, given that dynalist would have to be accessed via browser?

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nope, non?
Or might this better be addressed as an API-Idea?

Yeah, more like an API. Or does Alfred support something like URL scheme?

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Hi @Erica

Alfred ( has a really nice python library for writing workflows. It would be pretty easy to integrate using a dynalist API.

API is in the works! :smile:

Soon this can come true :star2:

Whoa there’s an API? Is it alive?

There seems to be some instructions at

Alfred workflows for HTTP POST seem to exist. I read the github code of this one and it might not take too much alterations to become a dynalist workflow.

Sorry, I don’t have much free time to tinker with it, but maybe someone is interested!

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Yay it works! @Danny_Nelson wrote the curl code in another post. I deleted the notes function since I don’t use it.

make the workflow yourself with keyword and the code at Does anyone have curl code to "add to inbox"? Sorry I am not good at programming


I’ve packaged this WF here: To use it you’ll need to set the DYNALIST_TOKEN variable in WF settings


@Vladyslav_Sitalo This works perfectly for me – thank you!

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Thank you - works fine here.

Folks, the API key is here:

Always have to Google that :slight_smile:

I need a little help. Got the token, think I plugged it into the workflow. Typing the trigger, enter text, hit enter, get the message alfred delivered to DL inbox. I have inbox set. Nothing is delivered. Here is a link to settings (token blurred.) Do I need to do something to designate inbox? Keep in mind I’m code-challenged! thanks for any help.

I would also love this if anyone can help fix it

I didn’t open the attachments but you can manually make a workflow by making some input go to a Run Script. Here is the script that works (Your personal token is here )



curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --request POST \
  --data "{\"token\":\"${TOKEN}\",\"content\":\"${CONTENT}\"}" \



This works perfectly thank you

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