Forward/backward in desktop app should not go into text insert mode

When I use the forward or backward key commands on the Mac desktop app, on the new page, Dynalist automatically puts the cursor on the first line.
But I think that it shouldn’t do this. If I just used cmd+<- to go to the previous page, there’s a high probability I want to go back to the page I just came from with cmd+ ->.
But since these shortcuts only work after I press Escape, it results in annoying UX.

So would it be possible to make it not directly start editing a line upon going back or forward?


+1 I’ve just started using the back and forward feature and agree, would very much like to see this.


Currently the shortcut of back and foward is “CMD+left” and “CMD+right”, which conflict with the default shortcut of going to first character in the line, and going to last one.

Back and forward buttons are used very frequently. It would be really nice to have a keymap on them.

Maybe allow them to have custom keymap in settings?

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