Forum username change requests

Hi @ABNY, sorry the name “AB” is taken. Is there another name you want to use?

Please change my username to Mike77.

Thank you!

No prob, how about ABNY?

@Mike77 @ABNY: done and done!

I want to change to BigChungus

Okay… It’s not a joke right?

It is not a joke


There you go, BigChungus.

Hi Erica, can you please change my username to himadri_sm [preferred], or himadri-sm, whichever is available?

Thank you.

Done! :slight_smile:

Thanks Erica :slight_smile:

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Hi! I want to be called Vadych


Thanks Erica :slight_smile:

Hello Erica - can I be Jeffurry please?

Done! Looking good :slight_smile:

Thank you :grinning:

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Can I take “matro” please? Or “matrello” as alternative. Thank you!

Done! “matro” is available, thankfully :slight_smile: