Formatting by color in highLighting text (==your text here==)


Please more options to color in (==your text here==).

## Features

* New formatting for  **highlighting text** . You can write “==your text here==” to highlight text, and the text will look like it highlighted with a yellow highlighter.

In addition, DynaList can increment hundreds of text formatting options by inserting characters before and after, like ==your text here==, eg: -$your text here$-, &&&your text here&&&, &&your text here&&, >>your text here>>, etc.


I would like to suggest adding colors to differents formats in CSS.



You might find this useful:

It adds color to ~~ and __ and for some reason these colors combine!

Still want a shortcut for ==.

You can custom shortcut for highlight (search highlight in keymap).

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Thank you very much!

Actually I didn’t want a shortcut, but I wanted to suggest other ways of formatting in real time.
Type like this: &&&& = Formats a blue color
%%%% = Formats a yellow font color and green text background.
And so on!

I have Cmd-= as the shortcut. Oddly on my ipad keyboard Cmd-= and Cmd-] both insert highlighting. The latter though is a bug. Cmd-] is configured to Zoom-In, not highlight.

I assume it’s because I have a Dvorak keyboard layout configured and the physical key beneath Dvorak’s ] is actually the =/+ key, and something in Apple or who knows is deferring to the physical key combo for this case. It’s a nuissance.

With custom CSS you can get quite a few different colors, maybe 50 or so in one document. For example, bold, italic, heading 3, color red, gets it’s own unique color. You can use CSS selectors to give every combo it’s own color.

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