For those that knows much on the aspects of calendars

could @Stephen_Dewitt or someone show some common examples of the helpfulness or positives of how manual calendar is easier or better than one of the ‘regular’ cal out there?

I’m not sure what else you want other than that post? The main benefit over other digital calendars is you have complete freedom to structure it and write all over it as you like (more like a paper calendar) - it has downsides however, and I have so many recurring appointments and meeting requests from others I have moved to a traditional digital calendar - I do miss my manual though :slight_smile:

It doesn’t take as long as you might think to give it a go

does many repeating times make regular calendars better? is repeating things harder to set up?

i guess the other thing is in what way would be helpful to structure the manual cal that regular cal do not cover?

Yes repeating things have to be done manually with a calendar like this (and always will be, just like a paper calendar) - depending on your discipline this may or may not be a problem