Font option for Notes

As it stands, it’s possible to change the overall font sizes. I find the “Small” font size to be quite usable for nodes but too small for notes, so I tend to avoid notes. I would expect many others to share that preference.

It’s possible to fix that and make Dynalist more flexible by allowing to change the font size for nodes or notes individually.

There exists another discussion touching the subject, although not in the “Features” section: About notes formatting and font size, web and mobile


I found that the font size for notes in the compact setting was too small, so I added this to my Stylish stylesheet:

.is-smallFont .Node-noteContainer {
font-size: 14px;
line-height: 18px;


I would also love the ability to specify font settings (size and type) for notes independently of list items. I’ll try Stylish. Thanks for the tip @Kevin_Murray.

But my real wish would be to set the font of any note independently (instead of one global setting). I currently use a fixed width font because I frequently want to record simple tabular data in notes (in a format that can be easily copied to any text editor or email later). Sadly this makes the rest of my dynalist ugly :-(. I’d prefer to set a fixed width font on just my notes that will benefit from it and have all others default to a global setting.

I believe the code format is fixed width font. I usually use it for the highlight but it seem like fixed width font to me.

Thanks for the tip. ‘code’ does render as fixed width but I rarely just view my notes. I’m always inside them editing them (and copy/pasting to/from various other places) so my wish is for the editor to show in fixed width as well as rendering in fixed width. Changing the font globally was the only easy way I’d found to do that. But I have Stylish working now. Thanks again.