Folder level searching & tag auto-completion

It would be very helpful if there was a search scope that would be limited to a folder and its children.

Similarly, it would be helpful if “Auto-complete tags from other documents” could be limited to the child documents & folders within a folder.

For example, all of my work documents are in one big folder. However, the tags and @'s are irrelevant outside of work.


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The first part seems like a duplicate of this topic: Search in a specific folder, not all of them , you can comment and bump that topic instead :slight_smile:

The tag auto-completion feature request is interesting, but “auto-tagging” can be a bit misleading. Mind if I change that?

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Oh definitely change it… want this post to be helpful and relevant to others. What I mean is that when I start typing a tag, the scope of your app’s “where to look for the existing tag” can be specified to the folder level, specifically the top level folder.

The use case for me is my folder for all my work items, which contains subfolders and documents. There are tags and contexts that apply only to work, but not outside of work. It would be good if the tags and contexts within my work folder apply only to auto-tagging within the folder.

In WorkFlowy, tags and contexts that come up for auto-tagging are those related to the parent and its children. In the wonderful world of Dynalist, parents are documents & folders. It would be good in Dynalist if somehow that would apply: an option to use the tags & contexts of parent folders or texts at the root level… So now there’s three levels of context for auto-tagging:

  1. Document level
  2. Everywhere
  3. Root level folders and documents & their children

Hey… Dynalist is my organizer for LIFE! :+1: