Flat search item issues

The article on Flat Search says “Clicking on the item will lead you there.”

This was happening yesterday, but now clicking on an item just removes “flat” from the URL and leads you back the search you were on.

I hope you can fix this quickly, I love this feature <3

I’m using a windows 10 computer and Chrome


Yes, I have the same problem too.

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I’m seeing the same behavior.

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I can repro. Looking into it right now, sorry about that!

Fixed, will be deployed as soon as we can (a few hours max). Sorry about the bug!

Thank you! <3 I still seem to get the error btw, but I guess maybe the fix isn’t deployed yet

I also did the refresh and cleared the catch for Chrome, but the bug still exists.

Apologies, I didn’t get the memo from @Erica. It should be up now.


This feels like a bug:


3 matches found, 1 shown. The others are checked off. But maybe it’s as desired. At minimum it would be nice if the tracers were clickable. As is I cannot get to 2 of the 3 found.

Speaking of searching and clicking, would still love to have is:completed suggestion text clickable :slight_smile: Instead of making us type this out.

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