Make is:completed suggestion clickable

This one is a really easy request. I see results like in this screenshot all the time.

Please make the is:completed part where my cursor is hovering clickable. Clicking should go ahead and append the is:completed operator for you as suggested.

Knowing we may want the additional filtered results, but making us type the text operator out each time is just silly.

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@Erica, any possibility of implementing this as a low-hanging fruit? Every time I run into this, I still can’t believe I have to literally retype or copy and paste “is:completed” to get results.

It’s like the app is mocking me: it knows I may need this, and tells me it knows, but doesn’t make it easy to just making the words clickable to append the text and re-run the search :grinning:

Hi, following up again over a year later, can this please be implemented? It’s a simple usability change that would really enhance search of completed items for me. It’s a daily use case.

Or some other way to quickly toggle completed in search results without turning them on for rest of view or having to type out this complex operator. Please? @Erica or @Shida?

I wish for certain other search operators to be clickable.

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What if you use a text expander? It is built into mac (or use espanso). For example if you ever type c(space)whatever it will change to is:completed(space)whatever. It’s something you set up.

My other thought was a bookmarklet that did a popup that sent you to is:completed results, but then I realized it would reload the page which is a slow.