Finding Completed Items in Past 4 Days

Hi folks,
This should work. I’m trying to find all Completed items that have been completed in the past 4 days.

is:completed AND -edited:4d Should do the trick. Show me completed stuff that was editing up to 4 days ago. I’m assuming that by clicking an item as Completed that also marks the “updated date” to the same time, thus this should pick that up.

The alternative is is:completed AND -within:4d.

This seems like a basic task management kindof thing that doesn’t have a means to accomplish. Any ideas?

Are you saying you tried it and it did not work? I’m not at a computer to verify, but you can do yourself easily enough. Point at a bullet and it will hovertext show you the updated date. So then mark it completed and point at it again.

Looking at the search reference, edited:4d means it was edited within 4 or fewer days. -edited:4d means it was NOT edited recently, so I think you have that backwards.

Yes, I am saying that “is:completed AND -edited:4d” does not work. I am seeing in the result sets lines that are showing their last date of edit months and years prior. Regardless of whether I include the “-” or not.

It should work -

  1. If iscomplete (implied is true), then find me all items that are marked as complete.
  2. AND if edited:4d (implied has been edited in last four days)
  3. THEN IF (#1 = TRUE AND #2 = TRUE) a line item is returned.
  4. BUT I have a line item (any many more) where EDITED = 9/27/2020 being returned.

9/27/2020 is just an example, there’s many other dates around that point.

Makes no sense. It’s almost like the AND is treated like an OR.

Uhg I think I see it now. The AND condition is implied between the two clauses. So, when using “is:complete edited4d” I see exactly 1 line item, which is correct. Tricky.