Find items with a date range encompassing a specified date

Suppose I have a list such as (do not focus on thé date format)

  1. 200310 - 200325 : trip to London
  2. 200405 - 200412 : Congress in Francfort
  3. 200320 - 200407 : ACME closed

I wish it were possible to search for 200322 and filter items 1 and 3, or search for 200406 and get items 2 and 3

Is that possible ? If I try a search for 200322, I get no result at all…

Thanks for your help

I use start and due dates to handle this. When I search for a date in the range I use the criteria up to and before a particular date. The task with the start date will then appear as the start date is overdue.
Sounds more complicated than it is!

First of all, thank you for your answer.
But I must admit I still do not grok it…

How must I write my query to find, eg, 200322 ?

  • !(2020-03-22)
  • !(2020-03-22 - 2020-03-22)

Both those attempts failed.
Thanks again

Hi - the two dates below represent my start and due date:

!(2020-08-03) !(2020-08-12) - I run a search to look for until:0d. This then brings up this item as the first date appears as overdue. I then see that the due date is in the future and I can ignore the row for the time being. This enables me to see what is upcoming and for how long it’s been a ‘live’ task.
The above only works if you use the Dynalist date format though, I can;t see a way to use your date format and get it to work :frowning:

Thank you again (sorry to answer late)

I agree on the date format, so now with :

  • !(2020-07-04 - 2020-07-27)
  • !(2020-07-25 - 2020-08-04)
  • !(2020-08-01 - 2020-08-15)
  1. I cannot search for a specific date (eg, 2020-07-22), nor for a specified range (eg, from:2020-07-22 AND to:2020-07-26) ; the only accepted way is durations (I added the operator AND, of course)
  2. Neither can I search for a range in the past (eg, since:-3w AND until:-1w), the same for ranges in the future
  3. And finally, I cannot search for a range encompassing past and future (eg, within:-1w AND within:1w), unless you can achieve that by something like : since:-1w AND until:1w, which does not seem possible.

I think David Sayer’s visual demonstration sums it up very well, finally. Unless I am completely mistaken, this means you cannot refine a search either by giving precise dates or by combining/overlapping operators.

For the time being, and unless I am mistaken, I suppose this must be accepted as a limitation to Dynalist.

Thanks again for your kind help