Filter searches based on top level folder?

Hi, I’m running projects grouped by folders. I tag projects by priority (#P1, #P2, etc) and then want to save bookmarks for searches that show only e.g. #P1 items in a specific top level folder (higher than just the parent). Is there a way to do this?


Hi hardinge, fellow user here. I don’t think what you want is possible yet, because only the parent search operator is available. I think if the ancestor tag becomes available, then you’d be able to do what you’re describing.

Thanks @Craig_Oliver

Will submit a request then!

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I came here looking for exactly the same thing! Here is my use case:

  1. I have a folder of reading notes for a project.
  2. Each outline is for a different book or article.
  3. I’ve either tagged or highlighted the important notes for my project within each outline
  4. I want to then search across these items, but only these items, for that tag or highlight color.

For instance, find all the yellow highlights in the folder “writing project 1” so that it would search across all the outlines in that folder, but not look in the other folder “writing project 2.”

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