Feature Request - when a checkbox is added next to an item in a list, remove bullet

Currently, items in the list view have bullet points next to each item.
I keep all of my items in list view because it is the most compact.

If I want to convert this list to a to-do list, I add check boxes next to each item.
The problem is that after I add check boxes to the items, the bullet points remain.
What should happen is that the bullet points go away.

This is a problem because of the purpose of the bullet point. The purpose of the bullet point is to distinguish items in the list from each other. Each item only needs ONE “thing” to distinguish itself from other items. This “thing” is normally the bullet point.

When you add the check box next to an item, the bullet point should go away. Otherwise, we have two “things” and the bullet point becomes redundant.

Aesthetically, it doesn’t look good and logically it doesn’t make sense.


Duplicate of this request?


Yes, you’re right. You can remove this and I’ll add to that post.