Feature request (macOS): when in the middle of a note and press down on keyboard, should go to end

This is standard behavior across apps. For example, go to a web browser , type some text, move the cursor to the middle, and press the down arrow on your keyboard to see what I mean

Down arrow just moves the caret down to the middle of the next line of text, at least here in this text box. But I get what you want. On MacOS you press command-right arrow to go to the end of a line of text. That works in Dynalist, as long as you didn’t reassign the hotkey.

Actually I was referring to a single line input. In a multi line input pressing the down arrow should only take you to the end of the line if you are on the last line

Nobody’s dynalist document is a single line though, is what I mean. I think most prefer that down arrow goes to the next line (node).

I’ve never pressed down arrow to go to the end of the last line, that seems like a quirk of hitting the end. How often are inputs limited to a single line on Mac? Command-right seems the universal way to do it.