Feature Request: I would like "[[ RETURN" to bring up the Send to Inbox popup

“[[ RETURN” currently does nothing, but dismisses the search suggestions. It could serve a new function that is familiar to users of other websites.

Here is the idea for what “[[ RETURN” could do:

  1. Bring up the Send to Inbox popup, where you can type “What you typed” RETURN

  2. On submit, your [[ becomes [What you typed](dynalist.io/d/doc#node) linking to a new node in your inbox containing the text “What you typed”.

  3. You can finish typing the rest of your text, then click off the node to render it, then click the link to enter a zoomed in view of your linked node.

An optional feature in addition to this could be a Setting to specify a ‘vault’ node to put these auto-created nodes, instead of using the Inbox for this.

The idea came from Jim_Atienza’s similar feature suggestion, i.e. a core Obsidian/Notion function - Create new inbox item from [[unmatched expression]] - :star2:Features - Dynalist Forum. It’s been on my mind and I am finding myself wishing it existed. Jim’s idea is good too - rendering a [[blah blah]] link that does the create & re-link & zoom-in upon click. I made a new Feature Request to spell out a different set of steps in hopes the developers might see it as feasible.

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Thinking more on this, in terms of the API functions…

  1. Some hotkey trigger

  2. Popup a text field.

  3. POST “What you typed” to https://dynalist.io/api/v1/inbox/add, the server responds with file_id and node_id

  4. Paste[What you typed](dynalist.io/d/file_id#node_id)

  5. Done

Maybe with some macro app like Alfred we could make it work ourselves. Does anyone know how to do it?

I messed around with shell script but gave up when i realized RESPONSE was json that id need to parse. Too exhausting to learn how to program haha.

RESPONSE=$(curl --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --request POST \
  --data "{"token":"${TOKEN}","content":"${CONTENT}"}" \