[Feature Request] Dates showing as 'Today' or 'Yesterday' Unhelpful for Exported Notes! 😢



I use Dynalist to take meeting notes—and then circulate them to all meeting attendees.

I love the simplicity of the ! calendar function, but when exporting notes as a PDF, not showing the actual date proves problematic, i.e. the date showing with the label ‘Today’ or ‘Yesterday’

Could we please have an option in the preferences to switch this off, please?



Hi @Jamie1, there is a “Date display format” field in Settings that controls this behavior:

If you set it to, for example, “YYYY-MM-DD”, then all dates will show up in that format. More info here.


Hey @Craig_Oliver !

Thank you for your help with this :slight_smile:

I don’t suppose you know the shortcode to display the date as Dynalist usually does, but without ‘Today’, etc, i,e, the day and month are written out with text.


I tried a few options and haven’t been able to replicate lol.

One of my failed attempts:


Really appreciate your help.

Cheers, Jamie.




Fantastic. Thank you, pottster! :nerd_face:


:+1: you’re welcome