[Feature Request] "Capture into my inbox" ought instead just jump to a blank node in the inbox

I would prefer if the Capture into my Inbox popup was replaced with simply a hotkey that created a new blank node in your inbox, and your cursor jumped to it. In order words - give the Capture box all the powers that nodes have.

Why? It would be more useful, because:

  • It would support date picker, internal links picker, etc… which are powerful inputs people rely on and expect, but the Capture box doesn’t support.
  • You could hit the Move hotkey, instead of Enter, and send it directly to anywhere. This would satisfy some of the people clamoring for multiple inboxes. It would also save a lot of clicking for people who want to file things away right away.
  • It would still be a global hotkey in MacOS/Windows for rapid input of ideas as they occur.

It could even still look like a popup for all I care, I mainly just want it to support the Move hotkey immediately from the input box.

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Also, if my fellow hackers have workaround ideas for this, those are welcome. I know Alfred 4 for mac supports webhooks/REST APIs and can dynamically generate dropdown options as you type, using it’s Powerpack add-on. I have some other services patched into it (to search and create Google Docs for example. It would be too big of a coding project to parse the whole dynalist document json file for me though, but if you did, you could capture ideas to dynalist and immediately move to any node id. That’s just an example. Maybe there’s an easier way to create a slicker capture box on desktop and I’m just not thinking outside the bun.

Can’t you just enter Ctrl +i (go to inbox)and then make a new node?


It’s more of a steps reduction request, than a feature request.

Say that I’m playing stardew valley, and remember i need milk in my grocery node.

I currently have to

  1. press cmd-space
  2. type dyn
  3. Enter
  4. cmd-i
  5. carefully move my trackpad to the little wedge of space at the end of the top item
  6. click
  7. type milk
  8. cmd-m (move)
  9. type gro (grocery)
  10. Enter
  11. cmd-tab
  12. Move my trackpad to stardew valleys icon
  13. click

Alternatively, I can use Capture to inbox then manually go find the new item to do the move dialog on, but it’d be a similar number of steps.

Ideally, with the feature request, I would

  1. cmd-i (or Ctrl+Shift+I)
  2. type milk
  3. cmd-m
  4. type gro
  5. enter (the popup disappears on it’s own, I am back in stardew)

I think everyone would like this. We all input new ideas and move them to where they go, multiple times a day, it’d be best to eliminate the technically unnecessary (but currently required) steps.

I just took this idea Ability to Move Item While Capturing to Inbox and posted it as a specific mac/windows feature request since they have a good point.

In other words, I want one hotkey to do this sequence.

  • Focus to Dynalist window
  • image
  • image
  • Enter
  • Up arrow

Perhaps I’ll look into keyboard macro apps

Hm you are right. “Go to Inbox” doesn’t actually go to a new line in your inbox.

Only way to get focus now is to:

  • “Go to Inbox”
  • ctrl+A
  • Back arrow
  • enter
  • Write item

for me ctrl+a is a little risky with macro since it could delete your whole inbox if you are unlucky…

I use the following AutoHotkey script (Windows 10) with CTRL Win F to activate. I think I found it somewhere in these forums a while ago. It brings up a popup window in which you can type the note + tag + date. The date isn’t triggered by the ! as in Dynalist itself but I use PhraseExpress shortcuts anyway (which do work in the popup). For example, ‘4dw’ in PhraseExpress creates a date in 4 days time with a @waiting tag.
Here’s the script:

^#f::AddToDynalist() ; ctrl-win-F

AddToDynalist() {
DynalistToken := “paste your Dynalist api token here
InputBox, UserInput, Task,Add to Dynalist inbox:,350,125
If (!ErrorLevel and UserInput <> “”)
; UserInput := UriEncode(UserInput)
URL := “https://dynalist.io/api/v1/inbox/add
HttpObj := ComObjCreate(“WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1”)
HttpObj.Open(“POST”, URL, 0)
HttpObj.SetRequestHeader(“Content-Type”, “application/json”)
Body := “{ ““token””: “”” . DynalistToken . “”", ““index””:0, ““content””: “”" . UserInput . “”", ““checked””: false }"
Result := HttpObj.ResponseText
Status := HttpObj.Status

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