Ability to Move Item While Capturing to Inbox

There are many times when I have an idea, want to quickly capture it via the “Capture to Inbox” feature, AND I already know where exactly I want to captured item to go. I would like to combine the “Move Item” feature WITH the “Capture to Inbox” feature such that I can capture and move an item to an exact location all within the “Capture to Inbox” window.

What the workflow looks like currently:

  1. I have an idea
  2. I use the global “capture to inbox” feature and capture the item.
  3. I open up the full version of Dynalist to my Dynalist inbox
  4. I select the captured item and use the “Move Item” feature to place the item wherever I want to place it.

What I would like the workflow to look like:

  1. I have an idea
  2. I use the global “capture to inbox” feature, capture the item, AND move it to the exact location I want.

By “capture to inbox”, are you talking about the Android/iOS “share to dynalist” feature? Those operating systems don’t really allow any dialog in their share menu, so I’m not sure how you’d specify where you want to move the node. I’m just guessing that’s what you meant by global capture since you mentioned your inputs come before you even open the full version of dynalist, since as far as I know, the usual Capture to Inbox requires the full Dynalist be running first.

There are many ways to send things to dynalist though, including a few third party apps. The API lets you send things to any node, not just your inbox. So you can create inputs that send to your grocery list node, one that sends to your notes node, etc. You’ll probably need to clarify more detail on what your desired workflow is before I recommend a path.

It got me thinking so I posted my own ideas based off your post [Feature Request] "Capture into my inbox" ought instead just jump to a blank node in the inbox

Hi, I currently use the API to capture to inbox via email. I wasn’t aware i could also capture to a specific node. Could you share how to set this up?

Sure, it’s just a small change, /edit instead of /add and some more parameters. See this page on the api documentation. (@Erica - I noticed this ^ doc is missing the token line in the example. Also, the comma at the end of the note line.)

You’d only use the insert command in the example.

  "token": "<your api secret token>",
  "file_id": "<document id>",
  "changes": [
      "action": "insert",
      "parent_id": "<parent node id>",
      "index": 0,
      "content": "Read the second book in the series",
      "note": "Return the book to the library by 04/23.",
      "checked": false

the document ID and parent ID (aka node ID) are in the address bar when you zoom into a node

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Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for the quick reply, much appreciated.

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Hey @BigChungus,

I was referring to the “Capture to Inbox” feature in full web dynalist (see screenshot - hope I uploaded it correctly). I was assuming that it could be used even when full web dynalist is not open, but I see, from your response, that that is NOT the case :slightly_frowning_face:. I will submit a different feature request then to have a global quick add ability (i.e. A little window pops up over w/e program I am using and I can toss an item into Dynalist and have it placed under any node I choose) Would be sweet, right?

Ah - ok, instead of creating a new feature request, I liked the one you already created :+1: