Fast way to send a smartphone photo to your inbox?

Sometimes a to-do item is visual. Has anyone hacked together a easier method of getting a photo item into your dynalist inbox?

I still plan on adding this feature to my quick dynalist android app. Was not available to find the time yet though…

Don’t think there’s a way. I assume you meant a way to do that without going into Dynalist, is that right?

Sharing file to upload to inbox can be a feature request, if that sounds good to you.


It’ll be nice if it had IFTTT recipe options, cause this could make it easier. Perhaps even eliminate the need to program it.

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Dynalist does work with IFTTT, but the trouble is IFTTT can only pass public URLs, so it’s not a secure method to add images to dynalist.

I did discover that you can add images with the Dynalist app, by pressing the paperclip icon, and selecting camera. It works well. I didn’t realize you could do that when I posted this question.


If you want to use IFTTT with dynalist, there isn’t a channel called dynalist, but there is a channel called webhooks which supports any generic REST API endpoint, such as dynalist API. I wrote a guide here Add to Inbox via IFTTT


Hmmm. Camera didn’t pop up as an option for me, but it gave me a list of all my photos - so very similar. I’ll have to play around with this.

I think there’s a lot of strange linking - nothing consistent or predictable, but stuff out there nonetheless. I have an android packing checklist app called PackPoint, and it gave me the option to send a link to my checklist to my Dynalist inbox. I’d be happier if it sent the whole checklist, but I’ll take it - and it was the first time that I have seen Dynalist as a sharing option.